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Spring Market 2024


Coupeville Rec Hall

May 12, 2024


FEES: $75 per Artist, No Sales Commissions

Apply Here

No Payment Due Now

Thanks for applying to WAM Spring Market 2024.

We will notify you of acceptance via email


1. When you receive your acceptance email:

  • Pay your booth fees. All WAM fees are now processed by Whidbey Island Arts Council and must be paid via their Paypal account. A link will be provided via email.

2. As soon as your booth fees are paid, send the following items to

  • Review the Rec Hall Map- In your email, list your top 3 booth locations. We will try to honor your choices as best as we can. We can not promise or guarantee location.    

  • Images - three hi-resolution jpgs of work you will be presenting at the show (1-2MB jpgs, ARTISTNAME_piecename.jpg. Dropbox sharing is better than email).

  • Artist Statement - a 2-3 sentence artist statement in a Word doc. Please do not put the statement into the body of the email. Attach the Word doc or share with Dropbox.

  • ‘Save the Date’ Email Broadcast - send a group email to as many of your followers as possible. Open a Mailchimp free account and use that or some other email marketing tool.

3. By April 15…

  • Video - send a 1-2 minute video of your artwork or studio (send via Dropbox only. Name your video file with your last name. Mp4 or mov files only.

  • Social Media - follow all show participants

  • Begin Posting Regularly - at least 2x per week on each platform.

  • Tag Posts - use the tags I provide, or make up your own

4. By April 30…

  • Email Invitations - send a ‘You're Invited’ email to your list

5. Finally…

  • Each artist will be asked to volunteer, in addition to distributing postcards and hanging posters, each artist will be expected to take responsibility for a small “job”. Examples are hanging signage at the venue, helping to layout the booths prior to setup, sweeping floors after the event, etc. With everyone helping the tasks are usually easy and quick!

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